Equality Objectives

19th May 2020

To monitor and analyse student achievement by race, gender, aspects of culture, age and disability and act upon any trends or patterns in the data that requires additional support for students.Ensure that at all key stages, students can access a broad curriculum offer including: core subjects, arts, performing arts, sport and enrichment. Ensure additional support is available for students who have been identified. Ensure that qualification led courses effectively support students moving to the next steps in their education and the support is in place so all students can access the curriculum.Senior Leadership, Middle Leadership and Teaching teams.
To ensure that all students in the school are presented with the opportunity to earn respect from every member of staff.We will ensure that staff and visitors who speak to the students represent a diverse range and model respect at all times.Headteacher, Pastoral team supported by all staff and students.
To create an ethos where discrimination is challenged by both teachers and students at all times.Through our tutorial programme, PSHE provision and pastoral care, students are aware of their responsibility to challenge discrimination and earn respect from all staff. There will be a robust response to any incidents of behaviour in the academy. This may include the engagement of external agencies.Headteacher, Pastoral team supported by all staff and students.
Improve our experiences available to our students to ensure opportunities and access for all.We will make sure that all our students, regardless of disability, gender, race, religion, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy or age have equal opportunities in taking part in extra-curricular activities. We will collect information about those attending to evaluate representation and accessibility. We will actively look at ways of tackling any barriers that prevent accessibility. We will regularly obtain the views of all students, particularly those with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and physical disabilities, to ensure that we are meeting their needs and making any necessary adjustments.Headteacher, Pastoral team supported by all staff and students.
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