Home learning here at Shenley Academy is considered to be of the upmost importance. We pride ourselves in making home learning an opportunity for our students to make real progress.

Home learning will be as a ten question quiz set up on Microsoft Forms with a link on  class charts for students to answer. At times class teachers may add a free text box to allow students to construct a more developed answer.

To support students with home learning, tasks will be linked to one of the following:

  • A knowledge organiser
  • Reading material provided to your child within the lesson
  • An online clip/ reading material

These task will help students to prepare for the next lesson or revisit learning from previous lessons and increase their progress in their studies.


Home learning will be communicated through Class Charts, the link for which can be found by clicking the logo below.


Home Learning Timetable

Year 11Option BOption AOption CMathematicsScience
Year 10ScienceEnglishMathematicsEnglishOption A
MathematicsOption BOption CScience
Key Stage 3EnglishMathematicsEnglishMathematicsScience
Languages (Grammar)GeographyHistoryLanguages (Reading and Comprehension)Religious Studies
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