Clubs & Societies

At Shenley Academy students develop their self-confidence and are given the chance to shine with the understanding that individual and collective endeavour is rewarded.

We offer our students a diverse extra-curricular programme from the arts to revision sessions to film clubs and sporting activities; we encourage our students to pursue their own passion and interests. The clubs take place before or after school and are very popular with our students.

All our students know that hard work and very good examination results are essential, but life at Shenley Academy is also about:

  • Having the chance to shine, positive competition, awards and positive aspiration
  • Making a contribution
  • Being part of the team
  • Broadening horizons by making the most of the superb opportunities, and offering experiences and opportunities they would not otherwise get
  • Develop a culture of achievement and ‘belonging’ in the college and in the wider academy
  • Building students’ repertoire of spoken and written language
  • Develop students’ social, emotional and behavioural skills and resilience
  • Cultivating values of respect, good behaviour, responsibility and caring
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