The Dance Department at Shenley Academy is a vibrant and active community. Here’s just a snippet of some exciting things we do every year in the dance department!


Dance Fusion

Dance fusion is our annual performance where you will showcase what you have been learning and creating in lesson time and during extracurricular. We are always sold out for both evenings and the performance is definitely not one to miss! If you are in KS3, join one of our clubs to make sure you are in the show!



International Dance day

International dance day is celebrated in the academy by the students participating in a “danceathon” that lasts the entire day! Students work together to keep a performance running from 9am until 3pm without a break! The audience is an open door policy and a chance for your other teachers and peers to see your spectacular dancing skills!



Move It!

Move it is dance convention held in London every year in March. Students are invited to attend this trip if they study dance in KS4 or participate in extracurricular clubs. Move it is an extremely popular trip where students can look in to future dance colleges and universities and watch performances by professional companies. Students also get the chance to participate in classes with other dancers across the UK and some of our very own students met THE Kalani Hilliker and her mother from dance moms!! If you are a fan of dance you will definitely know what I’m talking about!



Follow the dance department on twitter: @Shenley_Dance

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