Our student academy council

Our Student Councils are part of our Student Leadership at the Academy.  This is an opportunity for students to be at the heart of developing our positive culture and our work had been recognised by the Education Service-led Speaker’s School Council Awards.

Each College selects a College Council team from year eight.  Each group is facilitated by a member of staff alongside the College’s Academy Council representative and Council Secretaries, who are from older year groups.

Academy and College Councils lead on annual initiatives throughout the school year:

  • Charity – In 2017 we were able to donate over 1,000 Christmas presents to St. Basils charity that made up hampers for young people in our city who are at risk of homelessness. ‘These thoughtful items put a lot of smiles on faces on Christmas morning.’ (Lea Jackson, St Basils)
  •  School environment – We look after our Peace Garden, a memorial garden within the school.
  • Awareness – We raise awareness of national and local events for example in 2017 we ran a successful Remembrance Day competition, where over 120 pupils entered a poster competition to commemorate and raise awareness of this important time.
  • Initiatives – In 2016-17 we led an update to our academy uniform, promoting College ties in order to promote a greater sense of identity.  We are also working with our catering company to put together a Themed Day Calendar to reflect different cultures throughout the year.

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