Student leadership

By empowering students to lead and take ownership over areas of their learning and the school environment, we build positively into the characters of our students and into the culture of the Academy.

Form groups and Colleges- Students are encouraged to take on responsibilities within our vertical forms, such as assisting with the delivery of the Shenley Horizons programme or mentoring younger students. Colleges will also select Sports Captains and College Council representatives.

Faculties- Leadership opportunities are available here, with Sport and Performing Arts providing opportunity for students to work with younger students or lead events involving local primary schools.

With parents and visitors- If you visit our school, some of the first people you will see will be the team of student receptionists. Every Year 7 pupil will have the opportunity throughout the year to carry out this important and high profile role. We also regularly use ambassadors to guide and show visitors around the school.

Student Mentoring- In partnership with the West Midlands Police, we are training a team of students in Year 9 and Year 10 to work with younger students in the school. This reflects our desire to include our students in setting the positive culture that we have in the Academy.

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