Student leadership

By empowering students to lead and take ownership over areas of their learning and the school environment, we build positively into the characters of our students and into the culture of the Academy.


Student Leadership Team 2018-19:

This will be the first year that we will see a group of students developing their leadership skills by leading the academy. Following a rigorous process of application, interview and training they will be taking up their posts from September.

Who are they?

Year 11 Head GirlSophie Windridge
Year 11 Head BoyNathaniel Mason-Burns
Year 11 Deputy Head GirlGabrielle Milton
Year 11 Deputy Head BoyMax Jones
Year 11 Ambassadors
Elicia AliChelsea Guy
Tia ClemmensJessica Hickman
Sophie BelseyRhianna Miller
Mitchell DavisRJ Hussain
Lewis FarrellMasiha Saadi
Alfie Simmonds
Year 10 Head GirlOlivia Owen
Year 10 Head BoyCharlie Brayshaw
Year 10 Deputy Head GirlsSummer Nicholls, Dawn Deocades, Alice Hinks
Year 10 Deputy Head BoyEthan Ashley
Year 10 Ambassadors
Abigail MasonMegan Donohoe
Nasreen AliEvie Tulk
Ryan ReevesAshfaq Rohan
Luke BennettBen Jennings
Sam Syahpoor
Year 9 Head GirlEllie Lane
Year 9 Head BoyJoseph Tucker
Year 9 Deputy Head GirlRozhan Bagheri-Monfared
Year 9 Deputy Head BoyBrandon Ellis
Year 8 Head GirlJasmine Hurlston-Singh
Year 8 Head BoyCameron Shelley
Year 8 Deputy Head GirlAmelia Eustace
Year 8 Deputy Head BoyHarry Monnington-Wilson
Year 7 Head GirlGeorgia Longley
Year 7 Head BoyEthan Lee
Year 7 Deputy Head GirlElla Flynn
Year 7 Deputy Head BoyLucky Igbu


What will they be doing?

  • Growing influence – Our Head boys and girls from each year group meet with Senior Staff to feed into planning of the school.
  • Student forums – Our wider team of leaders across all years will contribute to forums on key areas of school life.
  • Role-modelling – Our leaders will model to others how to be resilient and responsible.

Student Initiatives are part of our Student Leadership at the Academy.  This is an opportunity for students to be at the heart of developing our positive culture and their work has been recognised by the Education Service-led Speaker’s School Council Awards. Leaders work on various initiatives throughout the school year:

  • Peer mentoring – Our Key Stage 4 leaders are mentoring over 30 year seven students to aid their smooth transition into the Academy.
  • Charity – In 2018 we were able to donate over  260kg of donations to the Trussell Trust, a local food bank charity.  The charity were blown away by our efforts and we were featured in the Birmingham Mail.
  • School environment – We look after our Peace Garden, a memorial garden within the school.
  • Awareness – We raise awareness of national and local events for example we ran a successful Remembrance Day competition, where over 120 pupils entered a poster competition to commemorate and raise awareness of this important time.
  • Initiatives – In 2016-17 we led an update to our academy uniform, promoting College ties in order to promote a greater sense of identity.  We are also working with our catering company to put together a Themed Day Calendar to reflect different cultures throughout the year.


Form groups and Colleges

Students are encouraged to take on responsibilities within our vertical forms, such as assisting with the delivery of the Shenley Horizons programme or mentoring younger students. Colleges will also select Sports Captains and College Council representatives.



Leadership opportunities are available here, with Sport and Performing Arts providing opportunity for students to work with younger students or lead events involving local primary schools.


With parents and visitors

If you visit our school, some of the first people you will see will be the team of student receptionists. Every Year 7 pupil will have the opportunity throughout the year to carry out this important and high profile role. We also regularly use ambassadors to guide and show visitors around the school.


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