Wizard of Oz


Wizard of Oz Cast List

Dorothy GaleScarlett Hannam
Auntie EmSaiyra Ali
Uncle HenryTBC
Glinda the Good WitchRose Tucker
Wicked Witch of the WestAmeerah Anderson
ScarecrowBen Jennings
Tin ManJack Cooper
LionCallum O’Reilly
Wizard / Professor MarvelLewis Burrell
Emerald City GuardAngelle Dodd
NikkoNasreen Ali
Winkie GeneralAlexia Povey
Mayor of MunchkinsMillie Hall
CoronerAmy Sargeant
BarristerElla Flynn
3 City PeopleKirran, Kamer, Olivia
3 Tough GuysTBC
3 TotsTBC
FiddlerMia Mahon
BraggertLucy Oakley
CrowsAlexia, Angelle, Lucy, Jasmine
TreesAmy, Millie, Olivia, Kirran
Oz Woman 1Libby Bennett
Oz Woman 2Ellie Wood
BeauticiansKirran, Kamer, Millie, Paige T
PolishersAmy, Ella, Lucy, Mia




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