We believe that students in years 7-11 should be dressed professionally which helps to establish the correct attitude for learning. Our students were heavily involved in helping to choose the design of our uniform and we expect them to wear it with pride.

Main Uniform

  • Plain black tailored trousers or knee length tailored pleated black skirt (required)
  • Plain white school shirt (required)
  • Academy tie – clip on – All year groups (required) 
  • Black/red v-neck sweater with Academy badge (required) 
  • Plain black formal school shoes (leather or leather like material without a logo) (required)
  • Black tights only with skirts (no footless tights or leggings) (required)
  • Dark socks with trousers (required)

No black jeans/jean style trousers, leggings/stretch material or skinny fit. Skirts MUST be knee length and tailored. NO LYCRA SKIRTS ALLOWED.

Trainers (even plain black) or canvas footwear are not permitted. Manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and Puma WILL NOT be accepted as appropriate footwear providers for school shoes.

Outdoor Wear

  • Plain black outdoor coat – ideally one which is waterproof and warm (optional)
  • Plain black hat/gloves/scarf (optional)
  • A suitable bag is required to carry books (required)

Hooded tops MUST NOT be worn at any time. If they are seen they will be confiscated until the end of the academy day.

Outdoor wear MUST NOT be worn inside the academy building.

P.E. Kit – Indoor/Outdoor

  • Black/red polo shirt with badge (required) 
  • Black/red long sleeved sports top with badge (required) 
  • Black/red shorts with badge (required) 
  • Black/red socks (required) 
  • Trainers (required)
  • Football boots (required)
  • A suitable Gym Bag (required)

Dance Kit

  • Black/red polo shirt with badge (same as for P.E.) (required) 
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms with red piping or Shenley P.E. Shorts (required)
  • Black Leggings can be worn, but must have Shenley Academy shorts over the top (optional)


Make-up is not allowed at all for students in Years 7-9, with discreet make-up only for students in Years 10 and 11. Any student in Years 7-9 wearing make-up or any student in Years 10-11 wearing too much make-up (in the opinion of pastoral staff) will be asked to remove it. False nails are not allowed for health and safety reasons. Only clear nail varnish is allowed.

Hair Styles:

For Health and Safety reasons, and to support the general business-like values of the Academy, the Academy expects students to have reasonable hairstyles and colours. If the Headteacher, or a member of staff acting for the Headteacher, considers a student’s hairstyle to be unreasonable, then the student will be asked to rectify the matter. The Academy will take a strict line on inappropriate hairstyles/hair colouring. Only ‘natural’ hair colours are  permitted, no ‘tram lines’, patterns or messages to be cut into the hair.


The Academy has agreed that one small ear stud may be worn in each ear providing that it is in the lower lobe only. Students may also wear a wrist watch. Apart from this, for health and safety reasons and to promote the general business-like values of the Academy, no jewellery may be worn. This includes rings, neck chains and facial piercings such as nose, lip and tongue studs.

Uniform Stockists (for branded items)

Kids Essentials

762 Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NN

Tel: 0121 477 0736


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