Safeguarding Guidance for Online Teaching

  • All staff shall familiarise themselves with key academy policies – Code of Conduct, Child Protection and Safeguarding policy, Behaviour and Anti-bullying policy, Online Safety policy.
  • Staff should only communicate with pupils and parents using official academy systems or platforms authorised by the Headteacher. Any such communication will be professional in tone and manner.
  • Staff should avoid using personal devices and should only use academy provided equipment unless preapproved by the Headteacher.
  • No one to one online tuition should take place.
  • Ensure that the session is being delivered from an appropriate location and nothing inappropriate/ unprofessional can be seen or heard. Staff are to set out the same rules for the pupils about location at the start of each session.
  • Pupils will be reminded of the acceptable user agreement and academy behaviour expectations. Academy acceptable user agreement will be re-shared with parents/carers and pupils.
  • ‘Classroom standard’ of behaviour is always expected from all participants, pupils and staff. Ground rules will be set out and safe spaces created, these will be explained as the introduction to each session.
  • Staff will make clear that it is not acceptable for events to be recorded or captured in any way by any participant.
  • Pupils should always have their cameras switched off; this message will be reiterated at the start of each session.
  • Any direct student contact, either visual or audio, should always be supervised by the member of staff.
  • All staff will adhere to the home learning daily checking guidance. Staff will log the conference timing and who participated, along with any issues that arose during the session.
  • Online teaching will be quality assured by the appropriate line manager to ensure all safeguarding procedures are being following.
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