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Self-Isolating Student Information

It is essential that students who are self-isolating continue to make progress through the curriculum. With this in mind, work will be set for students self-isolating using class charts. Class Charts has iOS & Android apps for parents and is clear to use on all web browsers.

If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the school to request a work pack.

Teachers are developing curricula for remote education that will bridge time spent at home and school with carefully sequenced material. This work will continue to deliver the curriculum according to a subject’s long-term plan so that pupils do not get too far behind with learning any new knowledge.

It is obviously more difficult to monitor pupil understanding and engagement in a remote lesson. A normal Shenley classroom lesson would be dialogue-rich with lots of questioning and the teacher getting feedback all of the time. As such it is essential that students complete the knowledge quizzes within each lesson to inform their teachers on how best to support their learning.

In order for your Son/Daughter to access work when self-isolating they must please log into class charts , if you require any support please contact daniel.thacker-smith@e-act.rg.uk

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