How we support our students

Our pastoral care system has a vertical structure based on 5 Colleges. Heads of College work closely with their form tutor team to ensure that we get to know every student. Students are individually valued and well-supported.

Form tutors see their form twice a day so they should be the first point of contact for parents who have any concerns

Heads of College, closely supported by a Pastoral Support Manager, have overall responsibility for the efficiency and effectiveness of their form tutor teams. They should be the point of contact for parents who have more serious concerns about a student’s overall conduct, effort or academic progress.

Our pastoral care system aims to promote responsible behaviour and respect for ourselves and each other. We are committed to a positive approach and, whenever possible, praise and rewards are used to motivate and encourage the students. There is a clear code of conduct which students are expected to follow at all times and this is underpinned by appropriate sanctions.

College Structure

CollegeAssistant Headteacher: CollegePastoral Support Manager
JupiterMiss Luckman
Mrs Benham
MercuryMiss Pownall
Miss Stevenson
NeptuneMr Jennings
Mr Beeston
SaturnMr Wood
Miss Fletcher
VenusMr Coy
Miss Blanchette


First Aid

NameEmail AddressLevel
Miss J Aid at Work
Mr S First Aid at Work
Mrs J First Aid at Work
Mrs P First Aid at Work
Ms S First Aid at Work
Miss S First Aid at Work
Miss E First Aid at Work
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