Year 7 catch-up premium

What is it?

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium gives schools additional funding from the Department of Education to support our Year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least the national expected level in reading and/or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. This year students any students who scored below 100 were considered to be below the standard needed for secondary transfer.

What do we do?

When students join Shenley Academy, we ensure that we know and understand the starting points for their academic progress. We receive data from the primary schools and administer several important baseline assessments at the beginning of Year 7 to assess the individual needs of each of our students who attract the Year 7 Catch-up Premium. We then use this funding to implement a range of strategies designed to maximise the progress of these students.

How do we do it?

  • All Year 7 students are screened using a screening reading test. We administer GL assessments and basic skills tests
  • All Year 7 students follow ‘Accelerated Reader’, a programme that supports students in reading, enjoying and developing their literacy skills
  • Students are taught English and mathematics in classes with an emphasis on progress by a fully qualified teacher
  • The school has a consistent approach to literacy and numeracy across all subject areas
  • There has been an increase in timetabled English and mathematics lessons at KS3
  • Literacy and numeracy activities are set as part of the weekly tutor time cycle
  • Where appropriate, some students access interventions to support them with their English and/or mathematics. Students are withdrawn from some lessons for small group interventions in numeracy and/or literacy. They are never withdrawn from their English or mathematics lessons

These include

  • Fresh Start – A phonic based reading programme specifically for KS3 students with weak reading skills – duration 12 months
  • Booster Reading – an intensive reading programme with a focus on fluency and word attack skills – duration 6 weeks
  • Catch up English – a programme with a focus on all basic English skills – particularly writing and comprehension of texts – duration 12 months
  • Catch up mathematics – Focus on basic skills / using ‘Passport Maths’ and ‘Hegartymaths’ – duration 12 months

Overview of the school and funding 2018-2019

Total number of pupils on roll1046
Total number of Year 7 students on roll205
Total number of students eligible for catch up funding
(based on a below 100 score)
Amount of funding received per pupil£500
Total amount of funding received£15,000

In addition there are also students who access:-

  • intensive small-group tuition
  • external services and materials
  • additional IT equipment / access to updated software

The impact of the catch up premium is evaluated each year and Impact Reports are written.


Shenley Academy Year 7 Catch Up Funding Plan 2019-2020

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